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02 November 2009 @ 08:56 am
Fanmix: Merlin/Morgana - black magic and mechanical hearts  
Fandom: Merlin
Subject: Merlin/Morgana
Title: black magic & mechanical hearts
Notes: Just a wee little fanmix I put together, dedicated to one of my favorite pairings. It's on the small side, but I've always preferred smaller mixes to larger ones.
1. something’s coming//imonster
I feel something’s coming/I feel something’s shaking
I feel something’s shaking
I feel something’s cooking
I sense something’s coming/are you coming too?
I sense something’s coming, are you coming too?
I sense something’s coming, are you coming too?

2. witch//the bird and the bee
P.S I am a witch/and I have conjured you for me bidding
And all my charms and all my accidents
Are just instruments to lock you up
Yes I am a carnival/a house of mirrors
And all my tricks and all my magic
Will keep you dizzy with desire

3. heaven//i monster
I look at you/and before my eyes it’s true
The girl of my dreams
Is not quite what she seems
Open your eyes/inflatable girl
Lose the disguise
Release me from your spell

4. small town witch//sneaker pimps
See black/see bloom
Died on an impulse over you
Caught like a corpse crawling round a dream and loving you
Small town witch/come to mess me up
Small town witch come to mess me up, yeah
Small town witch come to mess me up again

5. 1000 words//sweetbox
I know that you’re hiding things/using gentle words to shelter me
Your words were like a dream, but dreams could never fool me
Not that easily
Oh, a thousand words/one thousand embraces
Will cradle you, making all your weary days seem so far away
They’ll hold you forever

6. breathe//angels and airwaves
And all this day/I love you
You make me feel alive
And I’ll love you until the end of time
My hands shake class with fear/as you come near
Stars fall like dust, our lips will touch
Did you know I love you?

7. second place victory//this day and age
It’s breathtaking to think of you/and to learn sometimes the only way out is through
It’s mind numbing to think of you
I’d run to you now, but things have changed
Let’s show them how to live/accept the pain, always forgive
Watch the sun go down
Learn the sound of following all that is complete

8. 1000 words (piano version)//hiroko kokubu

-comment if downloading
-let me know if the link needs updating
-support the artists if you like what you hear

x_bohemienne on November 3rd, 2009 07:09 pm (UTC)
It totally is! Thank you!